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Create Date : September 28, 2020

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Instagram Announcement is very powerful tool to your Business. You can easily integrate into your website with Iframe Embed or without IFrame with an Ease. It's an awesome script for Insta User or Insta Influencers.

No Need of Programming Language. All will be Done in Wordpress Like Admin Panel.

Security : It is protected against SQL injection, XSS and other attack and your website will be safe.


Before starting to install, make sure you fulfill the following requirements:
  • You can use this script on any live LINUX or PHP server or Localhost.
  • Curl Enabled, Mail Function Enabled & Required PHP version in server >= 5.4.


  • Iframe Embed Code
  • Dark Mode On/Off
  • Create Instagram Announcement in Admin Panel.
  • Add/Edit Instagram Post/Video in Announcement.
  • View Instagram Video in Admin Panel
  • Subscribe Us Function Added with Anti-Spam.
  • Your Subscriber Never Miss New Announcement
  • Automatic Send Email to All Subscriber with Announcement Link whenever You Post New Announcement. (Note - Send Email to Subscribers whenever Admin New Announcement Posts Option Set to Yes in Admin Panel)
  • Admin can also manually Add / Delete Subscriber in Admin Panel.
  • Automatic Send Email with Announcement Link to User whenver Admin Reply on Any Comment. (Note - Send Email to User whenever Admin Reply on their Comment Set to Yes in Admin Panel)
  • If Admin Reply then Automatic Comment is Approved
  • If Admin Edit own Reply then also New Email Sent to User
  • Receive Email to Admin when User Comment on Any Announcement. (Note - Receive Email to Admin whenever New Comment on Any Announcement Set to Yes & Fill Admin Email in Admin Panel Email Setting Option)
  • Recover Admin Password via OTP on Email.
  • Pinned to Top One Announcement.
  • Disable Comment on any Announcement.
  • Admin Reply on Comment with Verified Tick.
  • Multiple Link Supports in Announcement Text (http / https).
  • Social Share of Announcement.
  • Announcement SEO Ready.
  • Search Announcement.
  • Edit Announcement.
  • Activate / Deactivate Announcement.
  • Approve Comments.
  • Unapprove Comments.
  • Edit Comment, User Name & Email.
  • Search Comment.
  • Hassle Free Different Section of Approve & Unapprove Comments.
  • Update Email / Password.
  • Visitors or Users can view Announcement without Page Reload with Load More Announcement.
  • Like Count Announcement System.
  • Admin can view How Many Likes on their Announcement in Admin Panel.
  • Set Alignment Left, Right & Center of Announcement Page in Admin Panel.
  • Set Limit Option for Announcement Post.
  • Well Rich Online & Offline Documentation.

How to Create Database, Username, Password & Import SQL file? (It's Only a Demo)

  • Step 1: Login to your website CPanel with your Username & Password.

  • Step 2: On Homepage, Scroll Down to Databases & Click on MYSQL Databases option.

  • Step 3: Create New Database, Just assume (This is Only Demo Purpose) we want to give name of Our Database is billing_system So Just write billing_system & press Create Database Button.

  • Step 4: A message appears, Added the database "yupok_billing_system" It means Your Database Name : yupok_billing_system , Note : yupok_ prefix is demo, your website automatic added Prefix to your database name.So copy that name that is your Original Database Name.

  • Step 5: Press Go Back and return to Database Page again.

  • Step 6: Scroll Down the Page, MYSQL Users Add New User, Just fill the details like you want to use Username & Password & keep details in the safe place & Press Create User button.

  • Step 7: A message appears, You have successfully created a MySQL user named "yupok_demo_user". It means Your Database USERName : yupok_demo_user , Note : yupok_ prefix is demo, your website automatic added Prefix to your Username.So copy that name that is your Original Database Username.

  • Step 8: Press Go Back and return to Database Page again.

  • Step 9: Scroll Down the Page again to Add User to Database . Select your Last Created Username & Last Created Database for this billing system & Press Add Button.

  • Step 10: You will redirect to Another Page. Click on ALL PRIVILEGES option, Scroll down & Press Make Changes Button.

  • Step 11: A Success message appears on top right corner. After that scroll down to the page and press Go Back

  • Step 12: Example
    YOUR_HOST_NAME : localhost  Mostly its localhost but if not then contact your website service provide.
    YOUR_DATABASE_NAME : yupok_billing_system  This is demo which we explained above. Your real database name is different.
    YOUR_DATABASE_USERNAME : yupok_demo_user  This is demo which we explained above. Your real database username is different.
    YOUR_DATABASE_Password : password  That is explained in Step 6.
  • Step 13: Import sql file to Database. Go to CPanel homepage scroll down to Database , Click on phpMyAdmin, your database will be open.

  • Step 14: On the left sidebar your Newly Database Option will be shown Just click on that.

  • Step 15: After click see on right side there is Import Option click on that and browse & select sql file from your downloaded database folder and press Go Button on the bottom.

  • Step 16: Your database will be imported and your website is ready to Use.


Do Carefully Otherwise Script will not work

  • After Successfully configuration (Which we explained above See Again) your database do below steps carefully.

  • Step : 1) Unzip the Downloaded File, Go to upload Unzip again

  • Step : 2) Open admin folder then open db folder the open config.php in any Text Editor like Dreamweaver, Notepad++ etc. admin folder->db folder->config.php

  • Step : 3) Fills details carefully according to your database. Otherwise, Script won't work

  • Step : 4) After carefully changing all the details just save it and close config.php

  • Step : 5) Copy all folders & files and upload to your server. It's Done now. Your website is ready to use.

  • Note 1) : If you want to put this script inside your root folder means without any folder then your BASE URL will be . Do not forget forward slash i.e. / at the end of your BASE URL.

  • Note 2) : If you want to put this script inside any folder in your root directory then your BASE URL will be . Do not forget forward slash i.e. / at the end of your BASE URL.

  • Note 3) : Do not change ADMIN URL in config.php . Otherwise Script won't work.

Admin Panel

1) Admin Login
  • First Time Admin Login
  • Admin URL(Link) : If you put this script inside any folder then Admin Link is & If you put this script inside your root directory means without any folder the your then Admin Link is
  • When you are logging in as Admin for the first time use this credentials. Email : & Password : 123456
  • For your safety, Click on Top Right Corner User Icon and click on Email Option and change your Admin Email by using password is 123456

  • For your safety, Click on Top Right Corner User Icon and click on Password Option and change your Admin Password by using Old Password is 123456 and keep your New Password at the safest place in the Universe.

2) Dashboard Analysis
  • Announcement Analysis
  • It means your Total Announcement, Total Active Announcement means Users can view these Announcement & Total Deactive Announcement means Users cannot view these Announcement.
  • Comment Analysis
  • It means Total Comment on your All Announcement, Approved Comment means Admin Approve User comment and everyone can view on User Page, Unapprove Comment means Admin cannot approved yet So No one can view them.
  • Note: If Admin wants to add their reply on Any Comment go to Comment Option and Click on Pencil Icon and Add reply. If admin add reply then automatic comment is approved.

3) Settings(Important)
  • Email Functions & Dark Mode On/Off
  • Click on Settings Option on the Left Sidebar. After Opening the page, You can Add Admin Email where admin wants to receive all the emails. Dark Mode Turn On/Off for Users & Other Email Settings.

4) Set limits
  • Means How many Instagram announcement will show when page load and after Load More Button Press
  • It can be between 4 to 15

5) Announcement
  • Add / Edit / Activate / Deactivate / Pinned to Top / Edit Disable Comment on any Announcement. Full control on Announcement

6) Comment
  • Add / Edit / Approve / Unapprove / Admin Reply on any Announcement. Full control on Comment
  • You can also do the same on Approve Comment Option & Unapprove Comment Section.

7) Subscriber
  • You can manually Add New Subscriber or Delete Subscriber.

8) Design Alignment
  • If you want to show your Announcement Page to User on Left Side set Design Alignement to Left and same as center & right. Design will change what you set. But its only working on Large Screen such as Tab, Laptop & Desktop.

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