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Nicolas Finelli

Error in PPD script
Connection error :SQLSTATE[HY000] [2005] Unknown MySQL server host 'hostname' (0)
how to fix it?


It means your database is not connected yet.
Definitely you have missed something in configuration file.
No need to worry, Email me on and please mention your name so I can recognize you easily.

Xeon Net

1 question before buying this bundle

Which license should I purchase for my clients ?
Means I am doing business and take payments from clients and this bundle is very useful for me.


Thanks for your query.

If you serving the services to many clients then you should have to purchase Extended License.

Anthony Rutledge

I am newbie in PHP and I purchased this bundle.
Can you help me in installation of some script ?


First of all thanks for the purchase and trust on my bundle.
Yes, I will install any script on your server which you want to install.
Email me on and please mention your name so I can easily recognize you.
No need to worry about anything.

I am always here and on email for my clients.


Johannes Fahrenkrug

I have sent an email to you.


Your problem has been solved now.
Actually, You missed the setup in BASE_URL line. That's why error occured.
Enjoy your website now.

Thanks !

Johannes Fahrenkrug

Hello, I have a problem in Linky - Url shortener script.
Button is only loading and not shortening the link.


Do not worry I will help you out .

Please send me the email on & provide your website link on email with your good name so I can check what's the issue.

Rick James

I couldn't find Stripe Setup in Official Announcement SaaS Ready script demo.
I am interested in buying this bundle but above script is very important to me.


Hello Brother, Greetings of the day
Actually, Stripe setup in above script is not in the Admin Panel.
Stripe setup is available in config file. It's simple and clearly instructed in documentation. No need to worry about that.
If any help needed, I am here and I am also available on email for my clients.

Thanks !

Doow Yerrit

I am the 10th Buyer of this bundle in last year. From now on I loved this bundle journey with Amazing scripts from time to time.
In 1 Year, Now I am earning some good money on my own due to your fantastic scripts.
Yes, I missed this current offer but No matters. Lol
Good growth and Good luck :)


Many many thanks for the wishes.
And All the best wishes from my side to you too for your Future and Successful Journey with this Bundle.
Have a nice day and nice life ahead!

Steen Schütt

Is this NFT artwork ?


No, It's a PHP Scripts bundle.
Thanks !

Matt Sheppard

Unprofessional script is multi vendor ?
Means any User can be an Author or a Buyer or Both . Am I right ?


Yes brother. You are absolutely correct.
You and your Users can earn money from this script if you marketing on correct places.
Thanks !

Randall Valenciano

Actually, I cannot receive amount which User donate in Paypo - Paypal donation script.
I am sending a video on your email.
Please look into it.


I have seen your video which you sent on my email i.e.

Actually, You are using PayPal Personal Email. Paypal doesn't allowed this for Payment Gateway.
You have to use your PayPal Business Email in database file then after PayPal allow to accept the donation via their payment gateway.

Thanks !

Michael Nett

I dropped an email to you.
Thank you


Hello Bro, Your problem has been solved. Actually it’s an error when you upload the files, actually 4 files are missing in your root directory. I do not know how. But leave it, You can now enjoy Anonymous Post.
Thanks !

Ayaz Ali Shah

I want to customize Two Factor Auth Registration and Login OTP with jQuery and Ajax script.


Please email me on with your good name with complete points of customization and your budget.


Soichi Hayashi

Presale Question

If I purchase this bundle then I will get all the scripts or not ?


Yes, You will get all the current script and you will also get whenever Any New Script will be added to this Bundle.
You will always receive an email notification whenever this Bundle will update. So, You can download new version of Bundle anytime after logging in.

Thanks !

Evalds Urtans

I purchased your bundle and I followed the directions but it doesn't work for me.
I created a short video to explain


First of all many thanks for the purchase and many apologies for the inconvenience faced.
Now the actual error you are facing because your base url is wrong. You have created a folder ShortLink it means you have to add ShortLink after your url

You have done little bit wrong. Please follow the steps :
Step 1 : Open setup.php
Step 2 : Go to Line number 19
Step 3 : Base Url should be ended with forward slash i.e. /
Like this : define(“BASE_URL”, “”);

It's clearly mention in documentation.
You can also email me anytime on my email i.e.

Thanks !

Ahmed Raza

Wow !
Now 45th & 46th Script in this bundle supports multi language and RTL / LTR supports.
Really, It's been an awesome.
I am really waiting for this . Now, I can easily attract my clients in UAE.
Thank you brother.


Aah, it's really a pleasure when I met a client like you.

More Scripts are coming with Multi language & LTR - RTL Support.

Thanks !

Adam Baney

Is there any blog script ?


Yes bro,
Dark Blog RSS PHP Script is for blogging.

Thanks for your query !

Amr Elgarhy

I want to customize AnonymousCity Script.
What's your hourly wages ?


Hello Bro, Greetings of the day

Please send email with complete points of customization in pdf or word file on
So, after looking the points I will tell you my customization price and delivery timing

We will talk privately there.

Johny Miller

Hi, I bought the bundle few months ago.
And tested almost all script. All scripts are working fine with no error.

I amazed with your Superb Code Quality.
I just rated your bundle and Really Bro, All the very best to you for future sales and updates.


Many Many Thanks Brother :)
It's my pleasure to have a client like you.

Thanks !

Nick Craver

hi do you have a digital download script that uses paypal.
let me know i am ready to buy


Yes, Digital download product with PayPal is available in this bundle like DigiPaypal Script, PPD Script ( for code selling )
MJ ( For music work selling )
VJ ( For Video work selling )
All above script are in Digital Download Category with PayPal Payment Gateway.

Hope, Your query was solved.

Thanks !

Mario Petrovic

is it ok to host more than one PHP script in a single hosting place ?


Yes, you can host multiple scripts on one domain like

Note : All the scripts are independent means there is connections between them .

Hope your query solved.

Thanks & Best Regards

Barry Chapman

Bro can you share dummy data for PPD marketplace?


Hello Bro, You can click on PPD Demo button, all the links are available there.
Btw, Here is the direct link of PPD Demo
User Link :
Admin Link :

Thanks !


Word count script is not working. Please help. Text box is showing up but when typing words below count is not showing.
I have sent you an email too on


I have seen your email brother, there was .htaccess file missing on your server.
I have uploaded .htaccess file on your server and now your website is working smoothly.
Please check.
No worries at all I am always here or on email for my clients.

Thanks !


How to install all scripts in one domain??


First of all many many thanks for the purchase brother ❤️❤️

Actually, you can make folders and then follow documentation to install the scripts.

Let's take an example.
You want to Install Anonymous City then make a folder on your domain like secret and install the script inside secret folder.
Then you can access like

I am also doing the same brother, my all scripts installed on 1 domain

You can also do the same . I am here for you. No worries at all ??


Create live location finder script. It will be good.


Hello Brother,
Actually 2 years scheduled is already in phase development for the bundle.
But I have bookmarked your idea. If it's possible I will create this in future.

Thanks !

Alex pattinson

Hello Codedaddy !
How do I access the backend for AnonymousCity Script. Which URL am I to use ?


Hello Brother, Greetings of the day.

You can access admin panel url like this:
Replace with your original domain name where you installed AnonymousCity Script.

Btw, it's clearly mention in documentation.

Have a nice day ahead.
Thanks !

Benson Okello

Hello, This is a great bundle, I need to buy but the payment gateway will restrict my country. May be if you had an offline payment method.


Sorry, but you have to purchase only from website. So, my team will update and give support in the future. Because if you purchased offline then It's very very complicated to notify you alone everytime whenever the bundle will update.
Thanks !

Hunter Scripts

Hi Brother, First I want to appreciate your work. Your script is really awesome.
I need your help with the below two things.
1. I have replaced Website Meta Title & Website Meta Description but the title and description are not showing when we search on google it is showing a different title and description. It's been two weeks since I updated the title and description.
This is the website you can check its title & description on google.
2. I'm using the "Anonymous Website Promotion" script and I need a footer(About Us, Quick link & Follow us) and menu option in the header I need a footer and header exactly like this ( which is present in the "Anonymous Post PHP Script"
Please help.


Hello Brother, Greetings of the day
First of all many many thanks for the purchase and appreciation

1) I have checked the website and I think I missed something to add. I will add in the script in Upcoming version but for you , Please email me on . So, I can give you updated code (Only Few Lines) for the Meta Title & Description. So, google will update in 1 or 2 week. Please mention your name on email So, I can easily recognize you.

2) For that type of header (means adding category in admin panel and after that have to create category page too) & footer is a part of customization work because Lots of work have to do in Admin & Front-end Panel. And their cost is $50 . If you want that customization of header, footer & category pages then you can email me for quote with the budget of $50 with time frame 14 days.

Thanks Brother I am waiting for your email.

Seo Weblogger

No login credentials in demo for user dashboard for SaaS Script i.e. Official Announcement SaaS Script


For User Testing

Email : Your Email or Testing Email OTP : 1234 Password : Test1234 (According to validation rule).

Please read demo credential rules. It's clearly mentioned brother.


Hi, I’m sorry but when I try to make a note, it is just loading


It seems .htaccess restrictions on your server.
Email me on and please mention your name too.So, I can recognize you easily.
Your problem will be solved. No need to worry about anything.

Warren Young

Can I resale the source code after purchase?


No you cannot resale the source code either to client or on any other platform.
Thanks !

Seo Weblogger

Hello CodeDaddy,

I wonder if it is possible (and how) to change the name of the admin panel at your awesome PPD CMS script?

For my opinion the name _adminarea_ sounds a little to much like a direct invitation or challenge for all the hacker kids out there. I would be very happy if you explain me how I could change the folder name to something more anonymous. Thank you for that and I wish you continued success.

Your work is really awesome


Hello Brother, Greetings of the day

Many many thanks for the appreciations and your kind words ❤️❤️

Changing the admin panel is very easy to do.

Step 1 : Change _adminarea_ folder name whatever you want.

Step 2 : Open db folder and open config.php in any text editor, scroll down to bottom , before bottom you can see define ADMIN_URL line , in that line you can _adminarea_ just change the name with same folder name which you changed above.
Just save and it's done

If you find any difficulty , I am here for you ❤️❤️

Ahmed Raza

hello dev, can this script be used on apache and ngix webservers?


Hello Brother, Greetings of the day

I am using on apache and linux webservers but some of my clients are also using this bundle scripts on apache and ngix webservers without any problem. I hope it will work


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